Z axis moving between layers

My name is Diana, and i work since 8 month with the Form1.
Now i have a topic with Z-Axe moving between layers.
Pictures i can send.
Could you help me to solve that problem?
Thank you very much.

Maybe the build platform is a little loose and moving around. If so, there is a screw to tighten it on the Rev.2 platforms.

After different tests, the parts looking same as the picture.
I try to fix the building platform (take out the tolerances), but nothing happen.
And other ideas?
Could it be a problem with the guide ?

It might be a dodgy lead screw on the Z axis, but i doubt it would be bad over its whole length.

The likelyhood the linear slide is bad is also pretty slim.

Did you print multiple copies of the object at the same time by any chance? There was someone here with an issue appearing almost identical to yours, which showed up only when printing multiple copies.

Maybe your base didn’t adhere good and that’s where the movement came from?

By the way… Those supports look very funky (yes, i know they’re the old style supports, but disregarding that) and the base and the objects themselves look odd.

They seem oddly… rounded, for the lack of a better term, almost like the resin’s been significantly overcured.