Working with "Out of Resin Error"

What is the typical method for using up the last bit of a bottle of resin? I have 1.5 cups (approximately 300 ml) of resin left. I filtered it and poured it back into the bottle. Started my build which would use 150 ml. I got the Out of Resin error message. The tank was low and the bottle has plenty of resin in it.

Love to hear how everyone else is dealing with this.


Just continue. You know better how much resin the bottle has than the machine does. The machine doesn’t know you poured the material back in the bottle. The bare minimum I would print with is about 100ml left in the tank when the print finishes.

The printer does keep track of how much resin has been dispensed from a given cartridge which is why you’re seeing the ‘resin low’ error after re-filling a cartridge. The error can be bypassed if you’re confident that you have enough material but we err away from recommending re-filling cartridges. The bite valve that dispenses resin can wear and eventually fail with overuse.

@Frew That worked well, thanks. Unfortunately I had to leave work to re-start the printer. It would be nice if you tell Preform to continue from a remote location.