How do I use the FULL liter of resin?

Assuming that I have one cartridge of resin, and one resin tank, how is it possible to use the full liter of resin? At a certain point, the cartridge becomes empty and cannot dispense anymore, but the resin tank is totally full. If I did not have another cartridge of resin, is the only way to use the remainder resin in Open Mode?

Thank you!

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i am looking forward to the answer to this question…

Mine did the same thing, told me there were issues with the resin tank and couldn’t dispense resin. I snapped the vent cover closed and open again and the issue ended and ran through the whole job. Try it, nothing to loose. Also make sure the tank is well seated in the back of the printer. Got an error on that also until I lifted the tank and then seated it firmly, not hard.

You can relatively comfortably use around 90% of a full cartridge. When the tank is at the fill line, it will contain around 250mL of resin. When your cartridge empties, the printer will throw a cartridge empty error but this can be bypassed. The print will then continue by using the remaining resin in the tank. For most materials, this can get decently low before beginning to affect the print. The limiting factor here is having enough resin in the tank to properly re-coat for each layer.


Ran mine until the wiper started leaving dry areas. Even moved parts on the print platform to where the resin piled up from said wiper. All good, but I’d stick with Frew’s rec’s… was in a jam and had to print and fortunately it rolled on as hoped. Bypass and monitor.

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Much appreciated @Frew and @AlexMcCarley. To be honest, I didn’t even notice the bypass option, I just pulled the cartridge and switched to open mode.

From now on I will just bypass and continue with a watchful eye.