Last resin before disposing tank

Good day all. I am new to resin printing and was wondering how you guys and gals overcome the resin wastage factor. As an example, you buy 1 liter of resin and a new tank for it. After a few prints, your machine will obviously not allow to fill the tank anymore (because the container will be empty, and only 200ml in the tray)…Now… you have a print of lets say 85ml’s. In total, you printed lets say 800ml’s. In theory, you have 200ml left to print the 85ml job, but the printer wont allow you to do so, because of obvious reasons. Sitting in South Africa, resin is crazy expensive and don’t want to chuck away the 200ml’s.
I do understand that buying another 1 Liter will leave me with 1.2L, but will eventually sit with the same problem of having 200ml’s…

I was thinking the same thing…there is a continue anyway timeout i think…can anyone tell us if we will by default just need to keep an extra cartridge around…or is there another way? seems wasteful

you need to use tape to trick the resin level on the tank on the highest position

What if you keep the resin’s tank cap closed? I assume the flow rate will be much less?

Out if interest, how high above the resin tank “filament” does it print? In other words, how deep must the resin be to allow successful printing?

by “tank” you mean “cartridge”?
resin falling thru the bite valve will eventually create a vacuum inside strong enough to slow down the flow rate.

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i think that theoretically you only need a layer height of resin above the tank’s bottom film.
But of course the resin must flow back in fast enough after the wiper passes, so there’s a practical minimum, which I don’t know what it is, it depends on the viscosity of the resin, etc

I just use the leftover resin for my future prints.

As hoolito mentions, it looks like you are mixing up your terminology. The cartridge is what the resin comes in, and the printer pours that into the resin tray.

I take it you are asking what to do when your cartridge is empty. Usually I just pour more resin into the cartridge, until the printer locks the cartridge out. Typically that’s 3-4 refills.

If you finish with a particular resin type, you can usually get the printer to reprogram your build tray to accept other resin types. There are some exceptions, but for many resin types you can change the tray programming.

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