3L resin waste

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like there is a lot of excess material that just can’t be used because of how big the printer and tank is.

From my estimates, there’s around 1/2 L for each resin cartridge that can’t ever be used on this printer because the print bed doesn’t get low enough and the tank needs around 1 L to start a print. Beyond that, there’s the excess resin that’s expected to cure in the tank itself and be lost.

For $150+ per Liter, that seems like a fairly high material cost barrier that’s needed to even start printing something. Any suggestions or solutions for getting the most out of resins?

Hi @TCartmill,

Sorry for the late reply, but manually pouring the leftover resin into a new tank to prime it is usually the best bet for leftover resin. Otherwise, you can store it in a sealed container (kept out of direct lighting, so in a drawer/closet) and you can use it to resin-weld parts together (applying resin into the seams and using a UV flashlight to cure it) and to fill seams.