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Tank Requirements


Do you always have to have two full resin cartridges in? Our 3L stays forever on the filling part of the preprinting and I was wondering if there always had to be two full cartridges in? Follow up, how do you ever use the rest of your resin in your tank if it the printer needs 1.5 L of resin in the tank to start right away? Thanks


Both need to be there even if one is empty (we can skip that warning).

I always fill the tank with one cartridge (takes forever if not) so it’s perfectly reasonable. Can be time consuming when it reaches the end (drops only a bit) but way faster.


Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that we haven’t done a great job making this clear. As @Eks mentioned, both cartridges need to be present to print on the Form 3L at this time—even if only one is necessary to fill the tank. However, I’ll be sure to ask higher up the chain to see if we can make this process more intuitive!