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Can you print with one cartridge of resin?


Does anyone know if it is possible to run a job in the 3L if you only have one cartridge of a resin type instead of two? Preform is telling me I need another.

I can imagine that if you had an empty second tank you might be able to trick the machine into thinking it had 2 full cartridge but we actually have only one (Full) cartridge.


You need to have both cartridges there.
I’ve tested just now to see if the latest firmware had changed anything but no:

I’ve printed a few with one of the cartridges empty BUT the printer reported it had some resin left so I’m unsure if an empty cartridge (that the printer reports to be empty) will work. I assume so because the release rate for each cartridge is slightly different and you always end up with one being emptied before the other but I can’t say for sure.

it is a silly decision, why not just check if the amount of resin needed is available with just one cartridge.
anyway you can put a bit of foam above the empty cartridge to press it down a bit and make the sensor think it has some resin.

The resin cartridges have a chip that tells the printer what the resin is, as well as some other stuff. It’s not just a switch. Something has to be there to be read by the printer.

Right, its simple question, depends on print amount and available resign. compare it.

yes you can print with only one cartridge

you just need to press skip when the printer complains about the missing cartridge after starting the print.

the skip button can even be seen in the screenshot posted by @Eks

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that we haven’t done a great job making this clear. As @Eks mentioned, both cartridges need to be present to print on the Form 3L at this time—even if only one is necessary to fill the tank. However, I’ll be sure to ask higher up the chain to see if we can make this process more intuitive!