Jumbo size resin cartridges for the form 3L

I know it saves on tooling to use the same resin cartridges for the Form 3 and 3L but the resulting amount of waste when printing with the 3L has been shocking. Without even stretching the available build volume we typically go through at least one and often two cartridges for each print. Considering there is no option to refill/reuse these, the resulting stack of empty cartridges has become pretty significant (and that from what I wouldn’t even consider a high volume of prints). These cartridges don’t look cheap either so seeing two of them go from packaging to garbage in the same day feels unnecessarily excessive.

It seems like there is enough empty space in the cartridge bay of the 3L for cartridges with at least 50-100% more resin than the current 1-liter versions. If there’s a hurdle there I’m not seeing, you could also have a larger external container/dispenser that could be connected via hose to an adapter plate that would slot into the cartridge bays. An even simpler option would even be to just allow the purchase of bulk resin in a normal bottle that could be used to refill cartridges a handful of times before disposal was required. Even if there were minimal or no cost savings from buying bulk resin it would still be worth it in my mind to cut down on the significant amount of waste we are currently generating.

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They hAve already sent a survey regarding that a few weeks ago so it’s seems it’s being considered and it may happen depending on the survey’s outcome.

That’s good to know, thanks for posting. I hadn’t seen anything about the survey so they must have just sent it to a subset of 3L users. Here’s hoping I guess. Other than the upfront tooling cost it seems like a no-brainer to me. On top of improving the machine usability and decreasing environmental impact, I imagine they could increase their margins on the resin since fewer cartridges would decrease their cost per delivered liter.

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