Resin tank levels

So my computer is telling me my resin tank is low. Does anyone know how low it is? What percentage of a litre is left in the tank when I get a message that it’s low?

Preform doesn’t tell you exactly how much is left. A little viable trick is to measure how heavy a new resin cartridge is and then measure how heavy a low one is.

Maybe formlabs will add percentage in the future.

I understand that. But does anybody have an idea of what could be left in the tank. When the low level message comes up. Like maybe .25 liters, .125 liters? This would be very handy.
Thanks for your response.

I’m not certain but I’d say less than 20%

The “resin low” message gets triggered when the amount of resin needed for the print is more than the amount of resin in the cartridge. This doesn’t always mean the print will fail as we don’t take into account the resin left in the tank so it’s entirely possible that there’s enough to finish up the print.

You can get a rough idea of the amount of resin left in the cartridge on the display. The estimated volume is displayed in quarters so you can tell when a cartridge is mostly full, 3/4 full, half full, 1/4 full, and the last bit when it turns red is nearly empty. Weighing cartridges is a viable method if you need greater accuracy and we do have the specific resin densities.