Getting a "resin low" warning really early

I had thought that there was 1 liter of resin in a tank. However, after using only .5 liters of resin I am getting a “resin low” warning from my printer.

i know that the resin tank takes an initial 250ml to fill so that when you start printing the first time on a fresh cartridge that cartridge will start the print with only 750ml remaining (plus the 250ml in the tank).

I had always believed that the resin estimate for a print included the base and supports, so I didn’t expect to start getting these warnings until I had used up a lot more. It almost appears as if the resin tank was under-filled (which I’m sure isn’t the issue).

In general, how much resin is left in the cartridge when you start seeing those “low resin” warnings?

Is there something I’m not understanding?

The ‘resin low’ warning is intentionally conservative and it’s entirely possible that the print will finish successfully without running out of resin. If a print is going to use 80% of the remaining resin or more (taking into account tank and cartridge levels), the error will get thrown. Having a print pause due to an empty cartridge can be frustrating so we err on the side of caution with the low resin errors.

Thanks, Frew. I was printing a part that used up 10.68 ml of resin and was almost done when it threw the error. Just started another print of 1.28ml and it’s done fine.

I understand wanting to be conservative with the estimates, but 50%?

I used 600 ml , just over half of what should be in there ( around 400 ml)and I’m getting low errors om a 250 ml print. I never used too that early, has something changed?

Recently I have been printing small (5-10ml parts) in Tough V4 with an almost empty cartridge. If the tank has 200-250ml in it and the cartridge has 10-50ml left I should be able to print at the very least a 150ml part without warning, is that correct ? The fact is that I am getting the low-resin warning every time for the last 5 prints.

EDIT : that was with the 1.14.X firmware, I just updated, will check next time I am in the same situation

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I should have been a bit more clear with that. The printer calculates whether a print will require 80% or more of the remaining resin to complete a print and keep the tank topped off. At the start of a print, the printer establishes whether the tank needs to be filled further and includes that in the calculation.

If the cartridge runs out during a print, a ‘cartridge empty’ notification will be thrown, but this can be bypassed to continue using just the resin in the tank. The amount of resin in the tank can get impressively low before it begins causing issue, but it’s best to avoid resorting to just the resin in the tank if possible.

Ah! Thanks, that’s very clear. Good engineerin’, too.
Does the most recent firmware update address any of these issues?

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