Low cartridge warning?

So after 17 prints I get the low cartridge warning which is expected. If I add up all the jobs I have used around 535.44ml of the 1L tank. Sure there was some additional loss due to build platform and resin clinging to part, filtering of resin etc.

The question I have is the low tank graphic accurate? Do I have just under about 25% left in the tank or is that a generic low tank graphic that never changes? The reason I ask is I need to run another 56ml job tonight, but don’t want it to cut out halfway through since I dont have another clear resin cartridge on hand? If the job pauses to tell me the cartridge is empty can I have it continue if I know there is enough in the tank to finish it? The tank holds 260ml so it should be enough to finish the job just with what is in the full tank. Its a little unclear what to do when you need to run more jobs on a tank that is running low. It would be nice the software could estimate ahead of time that you may not have enough in the cartridge to finish the job.

If the resin tank is full to the fill line, there’s at least 100ml in the tank and your 56ml job should finish with plenty of margin to spare. I haven’t seen that 260ml number anywhere, but I know the Form1 tank was 100ml to the line. The Form2 tank is bigger than the Form1 tank but the fill line looks to be at about the same height off the bottom.

Buy a small bottle of extra resin, and you can add it to the cartridge by unscrewing the filler cap and pouring it in. FL cautions not to do this a lot or risk the bite valve failing and resin flooding your printer. But it appears from some other postings that the printer will refuse to let you print once it thinks you’ve put about 3L through any one cartridge.

I ran a second 1L bottle of Tough through my first Tough cartridge with no problems. Managed to use up all but maybe 40ml. No problem printing after the cartridge went dry, other than having to acknowledge the few warnings about low resin…

Randy thanks for the info. The 260ml form 2 tank capicity number was from this thread. I am not sure if it is accurate though since I have not seen a developer comment. Resin level readout on Form2

It sounds like I will be ok to run the 56ml job tonight and be ok which is good news. Time to order more clear resin though for future prints :slight_smile:

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