Resin Tank notifications

Just wondering. I have a resin tank in that I know is getting low but not empty. I’ve gotten the “low tank” notification a number of times. real pain. Doesn’t the printer stop when it detects the resin in the tray is too low and no more is filling it?

I see someone asked about turning off the Low notification and I second that. My machine runs 12-16 hours a day on multiple jobs and I don’t feel I should have to run back to it to check this notification. It would be good that it sent a notification back to PreForm or just to the computer.

Yes, the printers stops when low. Preform shouldn’t let you print if your project requires more resin than you have. The online dashboard actively shows resin level of cartridge, but not tank. This is where I’d like to see a tank level added and maybe a “pause if tank is low” check box.

If I recall correctly, you can dismiss the low tank warning and continue at your own risk. In theory, as long as there’s enough resin for the wiper to spread across the tank, there’s enough for the next layer. I ran down my previous bottle of Clear to literally the last few drops by placing my print as far away from the wiper side as possible. This forced the wiper to travel across the whole tank, gathering and spreading every last bit of resin for each layer. Not ideal and not recommended, but not impossible!

I aborted a print the other day that was about 60% complete because the cartridge was empty; but there was plenty left in the tank/vat to finish the job. No way to override and let the printer finish. GRRR!