Low Resin level!

With trying to print sth with low level of resin in cartridge - there should be some kind of pop-up window to inform user that the resin will need to be exchanged DURING the print.
Our prints lasts sth between 10-15 hours, and we are able to “watch” the printer at the 30-60% of the printing time. Rest is always in the night. When we come in the morning - there is message that te resin cartridge needs to be replaced. Of course after replacing and clicking “continiue” the printing goes on BUT there is this horryfying line that makes the print go to trash.
I would love to see info that says: “the print may not be fully printed with current resin level - are you sure you want to continue?”.

You are not alone my friend

We are all eagerly awaiting a resolution of this issue :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t have a perfect measurement of the actual amount of resin left in the cartridge so this would require some pretty big changes.

Fixing the problem of the line we get when a print is paused is probably the fastest way to fix this issue.

All we really need is a way to override the warning when we know there is a risk that it occurs. The line you are talking about is due to the fact that the part cools down/move a bit when the BP stays elevated for a long time, the only thing they can do is avoid the waiting time which is done by removing the warning.

Maybe an option at the beginning to allow running with what’s in the tank would be good.

There may be alternatives to get the part back to temp like leaving it in the tank for a bit before resuming (warming up in the resin). Formlabs will have all of the contributors to the issue and might be able to come up with a reasonable solution.