Low resin error?

I’ve printed about 500 ml with my black resin with my form 2, but my printer gave me a low resin message, is this an error, or was there some mistake with how much resin I got in my cartridge? I haven’t checked how much resin is left yet, but what could be the reason this message is showing up?

The low resin message will always be conservative. If I’m remembering correctly, it calculates based on the amount of resin in the cartridge and disregards any resin in the tank. If you have a 300mL print for example and the cartridge only has 250mL you will get the low resin error. That said, the combination of the resin in the tank and cartridge will be more than enough to finish a print. There is a bit more to it but we always err towards being conservative as to more reliably guarantee that a print has a sufficient amount of resin.

I have a cartridge that is “low” and it is almost empty but when I added a new cartridge it is still telling me the material volume is low? Is there some way for the system to know I have added a new, full cartridge. Just getting ready to start our second cartridges on a few different materials so how do I reset the machine for new cartridges?

The machine should recognize a new full cartridge. Each cartridge has a chip and the amount of resin dispensed from each is tracked to approximate the amount of resin remaining. The exception to this is if you re-fill a cartridge that’s previously been used, the printer will think the cartridge is low based on the amount of resin dispensed (one of the reasons we don’t recommend this).

Does it recognize it right away? It gave me the warning twice but then went ahead and built the part I was printing.

It should immediately recognize the new cartridge. If you’re confident there’s enough resin in the cartridge, it’s safe to bypass this error. If you continue to see low resin errors on new cartridges, you should open up a ticket with our support team.

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