Resin level readout on Form2

It would be useful to know how much resin there’s left in both the cartridge and the tank.

I realise this likely cannot be 100% exact, since volume probably changes with temperature and cartridges probably aren’t all filled exactly to a milliliter, but even just percentage approximation (e.g. “25% cartridge + 1% tank”) would be super useful for planning ahead.

Or even just an analogue gauge.

hello, I normally weight of the resin cartridge.
full weighs 1100g, empty about 300g.
By making the proportion know the amount of residual resin

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While a nice tip, removing the cartridge to weigh it kinda negates the benefits of having a cartridge in the first place.

It shouldn’t be too hard to estimate the amount programatically - the amount dispensed into the tank each time is known approximately, the number of times it was dispensed is also known and both the tank and the cartridge can be tied by their chip ID.

I think (i might be wrong) that’s enough info to print some kind of an:
E ===============> F
gauge. If the E bit is set conservatively, it’s still fine - once you reach it you know not to plan any big print-fests and it’s time to order more anyways.

In my personal estimation, the most accurate way to monitor how much print resin is left - and used up - is maintaining a log of how much resin is used for each print. Here is my perspective: Okay, we know from FormLabs that the resin tank holds 260 mL of resin, so that leaves 740 mL of available resin in a brand new cartridge. Then you continue logging how much resin is used with each print job - PreForm gives you a very accurate estimation of how much resin will be used for a new print job. You also document the cumulative amount of resin used and keep in mind that when the cumulative amount used approaches 740 mL, you will need to replace the resin cartridge. But for sure I agree that it really would be nice for the Form2 controller to monitor the cumulative resin used and indicate the available remaining resin in the cartridge :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the preform software could keep track of the resin volume

But i have a cube pro trio
And it does exacly that
But if you have a print that exceeds the limit of a full cardridge the printer wont start
So you have to slice the print up in parts
En use 2 of the 3 heads to print 1 print
It takes more then 3 times the normal print time
Because it has to switch between 2 heads

So if the form2 could keep track of the resin left in a cardridge great but i think it should not block the start of a print
Other wise you would never be able to use the last bit of resin in a cardridge

Based on my experience, the Form2 will start a new print even if there is enough resin in the tank to do the job. Based on what I have experienced, if there is very little resin left in the cartridge - but for sure there is the 260mL in the tank - the print job will begin for a small print that requires something like 30mL of resin. If there is less than 30mL in the cartridge, the print job will start and then it will stop once the resin cartridge is empty…even though there is enough resin in the tank still to complete the print job. For me, the bad thing is that the 260 mL of resin in the tank is never accounted for, nor is it factored as available material for a print job. I think FormLabs should factor the resin in the tank as available material for a new print job as well.


According to the manual, it will always start a print, then pause and ask for a refill if it runs out while dispensing more from the cartridge.

Which is perfectly fine. And the most flexible thing to do.
But, like i’ve said, having a gauge would help a lot with planning ahead.

My actual experience did not result in the Form2 asking for a refill during the print, but maybe my machine did not operate as intended. I totally agree about wanting a gauge…my comments have been about what to do now since there is no gauge.

while printing the form2 chargethe resin. I had to replace the cartridge during a particularly large print, because the printer did not detect more loading from the resin tank

I’m curious as to how the printer knows the resin tank level, does anyone know?
Does the cartridge chip only contain resin type info or also a unique cartridge ID?

Philipp, these are good questions that I also am curious to know. I have no idea how the machine knows the resin tank level…the tank is mechanically locked into place by means of the “T” shaped locating/locking tabs at the bottom of the tank. So it is not by weight that the machine senses the level in the tank. I have noticed during many prints that sometimes the machine pauses, and I see on the screen the words “sensing resin level in tank” during the pause. But I don’t know how the level is being sensed. I also don’t know about the level of info in the cartridge chip, but it puzzles me that every time I open up PreForm I have to verify what is the resin type that is installed in the machine. Since there is a chip in the resin cartridge and the machine knows what resin is in the machine, why does PreForm ask what is the resin type?


Good question. This feature is in active development right now. It won’t be 100% accurate, but will give you a rough readout of what is left in your cartridge.


It measures the resin tank level with a capacitive liquid level sensor at the back, under the tank.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Many ways of doing this but it’s good to be able to cross reference values from one method to another and doing it as reliably and inexpensively as possible is always the real challenge.

One possible but not so obvious method temperature rise/fall over time?

Off topic I know the rise of the direct build on screen SLA printer disruptive to Formlabs business model?


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