Form 3 Resin useage

Hi all, my form 3 does not record how much resin used, and does not say when empty cartridge. Weighed cartridge and when half empty machine says it has approx 80 percent left. Also empty cartridge machine still thinks it is 3/4 full.

Does anyone else machine do this, does anyone form 3 display or dashboard give better more accurate resin amount left.

Thank you

Just finished my first resin cartridge and experienced the same thing.

Form3 doesn’t measure the resin in the cartridge. There is only resin level sensor in the tank which guarantees there is enough resin for printing. If you connect your printer to Dashboard you can monitor the usage of the resin and even start the 3D printing remotely.
My experience is that on Dashboard the used resin is monitored very precisely.

Do you use Dashboard for your printer?

Hi Thanks for reply.

yes i use dashboard and also machine screen. Both record same level resin.

Life time is 0.8L used on machine and dashboard. Reality 3 cartridges used…

Dont have cupped models to waste resin and not wasted any.

Machine says 3/4 full and also dashboard. by weight only 150g over empty tank weight which means approx 150ml of resin left.

Would be nice if FormLabs could implement a better counting for the right cartridge level.
And a detection for leak tank (to much resin dispensed for this cute small part - ERROR ).