Dashboard show wrong amount of resin left

I’ve been using Form3 printer for a month right now. So far my experience with the printer was great: no failed prints, great parts precision and finish.
But I was noticing that resin cartridges after various prints were feeling empty, while the dash board still shows around 700ml of resin left (I was experimenting with 4 different resins, and 4 different tanks of course).
But today it happened: printer failed to complete the fill task (after 3 retries) displaying message that either the cartridge is empty or jammed. I checked the cartridge and it was completely empty. Dashboard shows it as 757ml. So, what’s the workaround or if there a fix for this issue?

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I’ve noticed this as well. I usually just pick up the cartridges to see how much resin is left in them before I start a print. It would be nice if the dashboard showed the correct levels.

The dashboard resin level is so inaccurate, I’d argue it’s actually worse than not having the information at all. Formlabs should find a way to fix it, or scrap the feature completely. Nothing more aggravating than kicking off a print with a resin cartridge that appears to be half full, only to have the print stop halfway through because the cartridge was actually mostly empty. Having to pull the cartridge out to get a “feel” for how much resin you have left makes the dashboard parameter pointless.

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Yeah I don’t even bother looking at what the dashboard says for resin levels anymore. I always check the level manually, unfortunately.

We might be better off just weighing the full and empty ones to get an idea

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I stopped paying attention to that meter quite some time ago, as it was always wrong; and not by a little either. I hadn’t thought of using a scale until just now when someone mentioned it… I’ve got try this