Won't Get To Starting Temp / Form 2

I had a tank that leaked pretty badly (got all over the motherboard) some time ago. Finally got to it (life has been very busy…) and now it won’t get up to temp (35 degrees).

So, what should I check?____everything looked fine before putting the shell back on.

I am thinking that the spill killed it…

Ouch. Definitely open a ticket with Support if you haven’t already.

Does it heat up at all? Bunnie’s teardown shows the heater PCB. If for some reason you’re stuck troubleshooting this on your own and you have some electronics skills I’d work backward from there (e.g. make sure power is getting to it, check nearby components for any visible signs of damage).

Thanks for your response.

Yeah, there’s been an ongoing ticket, with a bunch of things that have been implemented. It did finally get to temp (after 6 hours) and printed most of the optics test. As a result, we’ve begun the swap-out process.

Curious though, this started when I switched out from the blue to the purple castable (looks like I was sent a tank that leaked). However, prior to that, I had been getting prompts saying, “Unknown Consumable Removed”, then it would show, “Missing Cartidge”, and then “Cartridge Inserted”. And to top all of that, it would show “Resin Tank and Cartridge Check”. So these were before the switch / spill…
Makes me think that there was a sensor or two that were wigging out?

Anyhow, I am hoping that this will all be gone with the swap.

Thanks again!

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