Wobbly Build Plaftorms and how to fix them - video

Hi All,

My replacement printer arrived with a build platform that was very wobbly when locked on to the Z-axis. Small prints came out mostly ok - failures were “soft” some details missing, flaking etc… Larger prints however failed very dramatically, which is when I noticed it and figured out how to fix it.

I made a video explaining the issue and how to fix it - see here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InQXVLJjTHo

having watched this a couple of times now - I’m decided, I will never, ever use the word “latch” again

The first picture shows what a wobbly build platform looks like, and the second picture shows what it looks like after it’s been fixed.


As always - anything useful I learn about the Form1 goes up on the Unofficial Wiki:  http://form1printer.pbworks.com/  it could use more content though, perhaps you could help? request access on the wiki.