Check this on your printer: causes random failures

I have not seen this covered anywhere here, but I have seen this very simple problem cause very frustrating seemingly random print fails.

When you place your Build Platform on to your Form1 / Form1+, you lay the handle down to lock the Build Platform into place.

Try this: when your Build Platform is installed, use your hand to gently rotate it left and right. Does it move ** at all ** ? It should not. It should be locked in place. If your Build Platform rotates even a little bit, it will cause failures during the peel cycle as it won’t stay in the same position as the previous layer.

What to do: there is a small screw near the base of the Build Platform locking handle. The screw has a slot. Use a small flat bladed screwdriver to gently tighten this screw (clockwise rotation). Don’t over tighten. Rotate the screw clockwise just a few degrees at a time until you can open the handle and close the handle to lock the Build Platform in place without it having any sloppiness.

If this problem has not happened to your Build Platform yet, it probably will eventually. It isn’ a bad idea to check this from time to time as a part of your normal maintenance.

I’m curious: has anyone else found their Build Platform to be loose when the handle is in the down / locked position?

I think I found the issue. there is a ballhead pin that guides the build platform into the slot. Mine popped out and I only noticed it because the platform was rattling. I put the pin back in with tweezers. It worked once. After that print I ended up gluing it in. I have no idea if it will work I am letting the glue dry.

iin front of the screw is the ballhead pin

I did have to tighten my platform slightly.