Clamp for build platform loose


We have 2 form2’s here. The second printer we acquired doesn’t seem to have as good a clamp for the build platform as the first. Our initial one has quite a positive lock and snaps back when you release it. Our newer machine is nothing like that and doesn’t seem to engage with as much force. In fact its kind of limp. It still prints ok but I am thinking long term, is something loose or damaged? Does anyone else have this issue?


I’m pretty sure if you look closely at the build platform you’ll see there are some screws you can turn to tighten the clamp up. I don’t remember exactly for the Form2 and my printer is printing now so I can’t look. But it was this way on the Form1 build platform and I can’t imagine FL would have overlooked the need for some adjustability on the Form2 platform…

It looks like you will need to tune the cam handle. You should submit a support ticket and our team can get help you figure it out.

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