Build platform changes?

I’ve noticed my Form1+ build platform is labeled ver. 2.
Does anyone have any clues on what changed between v1 and v2?

Note: i am not talking about the vat/tank, i’m talking about the build platform.

V1 didn’t have the screw to tighten it. You had to disassemble the whole thing I hear.

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Would love to see how to disassemble them properly to make adjustments. I have a couple nearly brand new version 1’s that don’t properly tighten onto my most recent replacement printer.

@KevinHolmes has made a video about this @Kuhns!

@Kuhns - if your version 1 platforms don’t have the screw accessible from on top as per the video - then yes as @JoshK say’s you have to disassemble the whole thing to get at the adjustment screw - which is adjustable from underneath.

You need a 2mm hex key to remove all 8 hex screws from the top of the build platform to remove the aluminium plate. 3 of the screws are under the front black "remove… " sticker, and the other hidden screw is under the white revision sticker.

@kuhns - hmm well I was wrong about the screw being adjustable from underneath - on my version 1 platform at least the screw has has no head, above or below - adjustment is done by disassembling whole thing, then turning the handle - see picture below.

When you put it back together - be very careful about how you tighten the 8 hex screws, it’s very easy to over-tighten them and warp the aluminium build plate - I pretty much ruined one platform that way.

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