Wiper arm makes screeching noise

I’m printing with durable resin on a new tank that was just put into service last week. I’ve run half a dozen or so prints on it over the last week and went through 1.5L of resin without an issue, but yesterday the machine started making a screeching noise every time the wiper arm moves back and forth over the tank during priming and printing. Prints are coming out fine still and there’s nothing that I can see stuck to the bottom of the tank, so I’m not sure what’s causing the noise.

Mine was doing the same. I cleaned and lubricated the x-axis lead screw and all screeching went away. There’s reference to routine maintenance in the following: https://media.formlabs.com/m/5a3f3cadc639b857/original/-ENUS-Form-3-Manual.pdf

That took care of it. Thanks!