Awful Noise [Form3]

I have a Form 3, owned since launch, that has given me no problems with light usage. Recently, I installed a new tank and Rigid 10K resin for some holiday ornaments and it makes this terrible sound while printing. Does anyone recognize this noise and can help me diagnose? Dropbox - Form3_grinding_noise.mp4 - Simplify your life

Mine was doing the same. I cleaned and lubricated the x-axis lead screw and all screeching went away. There’s reference to routine maintenance in the following:


Hi @erikzweigle,

Thanks for reaching out! I agree that lubricating the X-axis should help here. You can either purchase the F3 X Axis Cleaning Kit or you can use your own white lithium grease to re-lubricate the screw.

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Hi @Jesse_K, that looks like something you printed. Are the models for that kit available?

F3_X_Thread_Cleaner_x1.form (424.1 KB)

Hi @SteamFactory, here is the .form file for the thread cleaning part. The applicator part can easily be substituted by any other implement to distribute white lithium grease along the screw.

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I fat fingered and accidently deleted my post.

Thanks Jesse. This thing works great!