Terrible squeaking noise when printing from Tough2000

Hi folks, I have such an unbearable squeaking noise when printing from tough2000 that I can’t be in the same room with the printer. I don’t think it has anything to do with a printer error, it’s caused when the light unit at the bottom is on while printing runs along the foil! Since it does this with high pressure, abrasion occurs on the foil and this dust causes this super annoying noise in my opinion! Do you know the problem too? Is there a solution to the problem other than cleaning the light unit on top? It would probably be good to mitigate the mechanical forces by having ball bearing rollers on top of the light unit that rotate as the light unit passes under the film. Technically, that shouldn’t be a problem. At the moment, they only turn very slowly, or not at all, which means that there is simply a lot of mechanical friction at this point. This is neither good for the film nor for my ears!

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Mine was doing the same. I cleaned and lubricated the x-axis lead screw and all screeching went away. There’s reference to routine maintenance in the following: https://media.formlabs.com/m/5a3f3cadc639b857/original/-ENUS-Form-3-Manual.pdf

Hi @charger_01,

As @boringkajj mentioned, the squeaking noise is most likely coming from the printer’s X-axis lead screw, rather than from the LPU housing rubbing against the tank film. The rollers are actually meant to stay fixed, despite what the name suggests. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing this video, as they can provide you with a cleaning kit which you can use for the X-axis lead screw.

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Yesterday I completely cleaned and greased the x axis, the disgusting squeaking noise is still there, I’m sure it’s coming from the LPU housing rubbing against the tank film!

Hi charger_01,

Thank you for the update - we are sorry to hear that lubricating the X-Axis did not help with the noise. Have you also tried cleaning the bottom exterior of the tank?

There is also a section on cleaning the roller holder in our Schedule of maintenance (Form 3/Form 3B) (formlabs.com) page - this can also potentially address the squeaking. Otherwise, if you are still experiencing the noise, please let our support team know and they will investigate this further for you.