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High-pitch squeal when printing

I’m starting to hear a high-pitch squeal, sometimes during print. I’m guessing its the horizontal control, perhaps the spline (not certain about terminology, is there a parts diagram available?) needs a little lube.

I’m guessing this is a white lithium grease situation? Any advice?

I started to hear something similar that definitely wasn’t there before.
It’s faint so it’s difficult to record it for Support.
But I don’t know if it’s related because I hear it when the printer is idle too.
I’m guessing some fan?

It may be what you said which is the lead screw needing to be re greased. If it is happening during printing, I would also suspect a dirty roller on the LPU. The easy way to check this is by removing the resin tray, close lid, go to maintenance, hit LPU replacement. Do not unplug the printer! Once the LPU centers, check to see if the two side rollers have accumulated and dust or sticky residue. Clean off the rollers with alcohol but be sure not to get any lint or touch the optics window! Once cleaned, just abort the command and it should reset. I have had this happen to my Form 3s and this has always been the fix for me. Also check under the resin tray for any scratch marks or sticky residue. That could cause the squeal as well during printing.