Why do my prints break even if I use one click print in Preform?

I’ve attached images to show you what happens including a screenshot of Preform.

I have Form 2 with a new resin tank.



I would reorient the part. Flip it so the solid bottom is below the thin legs and put it up at a 45. You will also need more supports.

For a better explanation, post up your form file and we can show you. If the part just doesn’t fit right due to its size, you may want to remove the legs and print it in 3 parts. Your results will be superior if you do that (IMO).

Name tag.form (408.7 KB)


My opinion… Several Issues.

1 - Orientation: Your part is only tilted in one axis. Since your part have planar sections, I would tilt it 35 to 45 degrees in both X & Y axis. Furthermore, I would invert the part leaving those "little legs"upwards so the part builds from itself.
Check this new tutorial video on orientation: model orientation overview

2 - Supports: You are trying to save on supports. Don’t do it. Supports are very important to keep your part attached to itself and even more important to maintain dimensional accuracy. Check out the images below for a fairly flat surfaced part. Notice the tilted orientation and amount of supports.
Check this new tutorial video on supports: support structure overview

3- Check for issues by slicing the model: Use PgUP / PGDn and Shift + PgUP / Shift + PGDn to slice your model and look for local minima.

Hope I have helped.

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Joao Lavaque


Something like this:

Name tag - Sample.form (798.4 KB)

Just an example. Check everything before you print it.
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Joao Lavaque

Thanks. So from what I understand, the one click print feature isn’t always reliable?

I personally never use it!

I import the model and orient it myself. When orienting I take into consideration the surface I want with the best finish, the local minimas, the way the part builds from itself, enclosed volumes and large areas to be pealed away from the platform.
Regarding supports, I usually generate them with 1.00 of density and 0.5 Point size, then I check areas that might be unsupported and edges; preform tends to put a lot of support exactly on the edge. In the new tutorial videos, it is advised to reduce the amount of supports and to make a stitch patern (make sure to check the new videos).

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Joao Lavaque

i never use one click print, it does not work 100%. I think your print support settings is not correct, there should be much more supports. Failure - almost always about support. Increase Point size and density from default. Play around with settings.

I never use automatic orientation/support settings, you can always orient the object better and get a better distribution of support points by doing it yourself.