White V2 Cartridge "...has exceeded its lifespan and must be replaced" after one print?


I have only printed one print with my White V2, and I just went to go print again today and had two issues:

  1. An error came up saying “Cartridge Worn Out” and that “This cartridge has exceeded its lifespan and must be replaced” even though that is impossible.

  2. I had a resin tank sitting with the V2 White for a couple months, and when I went to stir the resin in the tank, the ENTIRE PDMS was coated in white pigment. It would not come of with a simple scrape of the spatula, I really had to empty the tank, get my little squeegie out and actually spend several minutes kinda scrubbing this layer off (it was not cured and did not peel away).

To be honest, I don’t really care about #2, because it’s more of an annoyance than anything, but just thought I would mention it. The main thing is I have an expensive cartridge of White V2 more than half full, that my Form2 is saying it won’t print with.

This must be a bug, right?

So I cant help you with #1 but im sure they will make it right… I had an issue with number 2 with white as well. First they replaced the tank. The second time i realize i had to scrap with a certain side of the scraper, and then also REALLY hard… you feel like you are going to damage the PDMS later, if you careful, you wont… I let mine sit for months too.

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  1. An error. FL may have to replace the cartridge for you. You need to open a Service Ticket.
  2. Normal, the downside of pigmented resins.
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FWIW: I opened a ticket, FL was very apologetic and replaced the cartridge. I always wonder when people complain about FL, because I have always had exemplary experiences. Thanks for the replies everyone! And thank you FL for being a straight up awesome company.


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