White resin pics


Can anyone post pictures of prints made with the white resin please ?

Any comments about the quality?

I do not want to order a bottle without checking the finishings and the overall look.



Robert Vignone has some amazing prints in white. You should check him out on twitter @polysculpture


That looks nice! Would love to see a comparison print between the grey and the white resins.

And just to clarify, the above model, print and photo are all from Robert Vignone.

Right…  The description for all three resins in the store is identical…  Is there NO difference other than the color of the resin?  If there is anything else known that is different it would be  nice to put at least a little bit of guidance in to the product descriptions…  WHY should I chose one of the three over the other 2?  I have no idea of any strengths or weaknesses when comparing these 3 resins as of now.

FWIW, this is just my personal opinion of course, and I can only comment between clear and gray because that’s what I’ve used. Clear has practical uses–some projects just need the part to be clear to be usable. Clear is also very pretty to look at but gray shows more details. It’s not that gray features more details, it just shows them up better because you can see the shadows and highlights better. But because of that, gray can reveal more flaws too. If my intention is to finish and paint the part, I find gray easier to work with when sanding and filling before painting.

From looking at pics of parts in white by other artists, my guess is that white falls in-between clear and gray for how much detail you can see. If you’re going to paint the part, depending on the type of paints you will use, white might be easier to paint. I don’t know that for certain though.

That’s probably the only practical reason for choosing one of the three over another. Other than that, I think it’s mostly an aesthetic choice.

I understand that Formlabs is working on resins with special properties that make parts pliable or make them castable. But for now, I believe the existing resins are more or less the same formula and the choice is mainly color preference.


It’s just another color. It should be relatively easy to get any color you want by just buying the clear resin and mixing your own pigments into it. If you get fluorescent pigments, you can in theory increase the detail level because those absorb UV rays. Don’t use too much though or the resin may not cure.

Sounds cool Monger, any suggestion for where I could get some such pigments?

You local hobby/art store may have it. Or http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111166272830?lpid=82

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but should work in theory.