How translucent is the gray resin compared to the white?

Hey everybody

I’ve been printing up a storm since I got my replacement Form1 a few weeks ago, after the first arrived DOA.

I got the white material, and I have to say I’m pretty unhappy with how translucent it is.  It diffuses light so much that it’s impossible to see details on my prints (specifically, several different character busts and 3D head scans), unless you turn the model to make the details catch a reflection.   You can’t even tell what you’re looking at, and it’s impossible to photograph these models in such a way that it does the print justice.  A coat of paint easily brings out all of the details that are lost in the translucency, but I don’t want to have to paint everything that comes out of the machine.

Obviously, this is a bit of a double edged sword since while it’s hiding the details I want to see, it’s also hiding the visibility of print layers and errors/holes/support nubs on the prints.  So it’s not all negative. :slight_smile:

How much more opaque is the gray vs. the white?  Are details in the prints going to be similarly obscured, or is it noticeably less milky?


I just received a bottle of White resin. I had the Grey resin prior and I was happy with how the details came out. I would be able to answer your question but right now my printer isn’t operation properly and I am waiting for my support ticket to be answered. As soon as it gets fixed I’ll post up some comparisons of an object I printed with the Grey resin.