Announcing White Resin Version 2 with a printed and fully functional violin

The updated formulation of our White Resin brings more vibrant color for clean and bold prints. Formlabs engineer Brian Chan used it to create something both beautiful and technically complex: a fully-functional 3D-printed acoustic violin. Check out the video of it in action with musician Rhett Price. All of the design files are available on Pinshape so we look forward to seeing your versions of the violin!


in other words the white is now not an opaque white anymore? If its a deep white I would not have to use additional pigments. Can you confirm this and show me comparison pics between an older vs. a new print sample?

Looks fantastic, how much white resin does it use?

Ultra-high quality cell phone picture! White V2 is on the right.


Most excellent!

this is great and what I was waiting for! :slight_smile: I need a sample though, can you send me one please?

All new white sample requests will be done in White V2 :slight_smile: Here’s a link to the sample request form:


Finally!! I bought a large supply of resins(8 cartridges) but opted out from getting white because it looks bad and the detail doesn’t show up well. Now is the time to get white resin I believe :slight_smile:

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I am so building this!

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Can please someone send me a sample of the new white resin? I pay for it if necessary. Formlabs don’t send me a sample! I am sick of ordering a sample by using the form and nothing happens.

okay what is wro´ng with you at formlabs? I got the sample today and this is not looking like the NEW white at all! The first time I ordered a sample it never arrived here. The second time after opening a ticket I got the wrong one now, Slowly I am under pressure as I will have to print parts very soon but have to decide which resin I want to order! Can someone from formlabs please take care of it and send me the correct sample please!?

So here is the sample on the right I got today. In the middle an old print with the earlier white resin. to the left my clear resin with white pigments. By looking at the pictures in your official announcment for the new resin it definitely looks different. What is necessary to make you send me the right sample? Standard procedure did not work twice!

I coordinated with the EU team this morning and it looks like they had a final batch of white V1 parts that went out shortly after the white V2 launch. Sorry for the mix up! Your white V2 sample part will be shipping out today.
For anyone else that requested white V2 sample parts and received white V1, we’ve made a list and you should be receiving updated sample parts shortly.

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Thank you!

I’d like to request a TDS for your White, Black, and Grey resins. I use the properties for simulation purposes in solidworks as an effort to redesign small prop balancing fixtures that have less parasitic mass than their aluminum counterparts.


Publicly available but can’t remeber where I found them
Clear_Grey_White_Black-DataSheet.pdf (34.7 KB)

Remember that mechanical properties are cure sensitive (a lot). You can check the paper below
How-Mechanical-Properties-of-SLA-3D-Prints-Are-Affected-by-UV-Curing.pdf (3.2 MB)


Thanks DPS. I already had the Clear TDS, but I feel I’ve noticed discrepancy in strength between the three, maybe due to the fillers in each.

I made a cure chamber from a paint can using 3 wide angle 5W 405nm wavelength LED’s, with resistors to convert the power supply to a typical 12V. It’s situated on a hotplate that holds 64-65C, maintaining around 60C by accounting for temperature loss through the can. All to (hopefully) keep the resin as strong as possible per the second pdf you sent.

With the new white formulation, I imagine the actual mechanical properties have changed.

You can find the Technical Data Sheets for each of our resins here. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there’s a section each of the SDS and TDS forms. Let me know if you need any other information!

Again, thanks for the link. However, the TDS is only linked for clear…is there really no difference between clear, black, white, and grey resins?

The properties of each of our standard resins are actually remarkably similar and we’ve done a fair bit of internal testing to verify this. Creating TDS sheets for each of our standard resins is very time intensive and the differences would be very minimal.

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