Which way to adjust Z Axis?

I understand to get a thicker support base the Z axis should be moved away from the build plate and this is done in the Support/Z axis settings.

The issue is, is it the minus or the plus that moves the Z Axis away from the surface of the resin tank?

Don’t laugh as this can be looked at from different ways: 1. would be MINUS means less distance of the Z axis from the top so it would be used to raise the build plate. OR 2. PLUS is used to add distance between the build plate and the top of the resin tray surface.

Question is, which one is correct? I’ve done a search, read both posting on the forum and also FL technical papers and still haven’t seen one statement that makes this clear. Saying “move the build plate away from the resin tank” doesn’t really tell you what to use to do it.

I want to check and see if you just want the support base to be thicker or if you are having warping of the base / build plate hitting the tank issues?

If you just want the base to be thicker you can do that in PreForm, under Supports / Advanced settings. I have had to do this because my base breaks when I try to take a part off.

Formlabs put together a pretty good write up on fine tuning the Z-axis: https://support.formlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000013750-Fine-Tuning-the-Form-2

The Form2 firmware actually has a diagram showing the adjustment. Minus and Negative numbers equal closer to the resin tray, Plus and Positive numbers are farther from the tray.

Hopefully that helps

To get a thicker raft you have to change the Base Thickness value in preform. Changing the Z axis value is to solve adhesion issues (either if parts are too hard to remove from the BP or if they don’t stick to is and leave a cured layer in the tank).

As for actually tuning the Z axis, in the most recent update to the Form2 there is a graphical representation of the direction to which the BP moves.

Yes, I understand the Preform base thickness.

The issue was that the graphical representation isn’t clear. The indicator is only momentary. Took a number of tries before I finally saw that. Computers aren’t new to me, been in them 35 years and was a programmer and systems manager as well as built my first computer myself and other for businesses. Hardware and software aren’t a problem, it’s instructions that generally are.

It’s an adhesion problem. I’ve had to resort to a steel putty knife and a hammer to get pieces no larger than a 1/2" square off the build plate. I’ve been having this issue with two different build plates.

Also, the problem started with both the new Preform 2.14 and the new Firmware update in the Form 2.

I’m using the exact same resin and have been for well over a year.

Just wanted to understand which part was causing the issue. Sounds like you got the Z height adjusted. My seems to be sticking more since 2.14 as well.

Would like to hear back after you print a few things on if you still get good adhesion but not to much and how much adjustment was needed to get there.


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Derek, I’m up to .3mm now. I went back in and recreated the Form file with the latest build base but made it a bit thicker. The .2mm failed. I’ve had anything like this happen before even with the Form 1+. The resin is extremely brittle. I even started blaming it on the resin but I really don’t think that’s what it is. I use ALW in a mixture of 3 parts Beige to 1 part Black. I’ve used it for months and never an issue until now. We’ll see what goes.

I noticed one thing. The Form 2 makes more noise the thicker the build base is.

I do production runs for 40 to 80 parts at a time. This is our peak season, modelers are in their basements working on their layouts so they buy more. [grin]

I started using ApplyLab work resin at the same time as the preform and firmware updates. I noticed excessive adhesion and wasn’t sure which factor it was. Seems firmware is the culprit.

I really believe the issue is both the new Firmware and the new Preform software. Up until that change I had no problems. Now every print is a failure as far as it being stuck to the build plate like it’s welded. I have to use a steel chisel and a hammer to get the piece off.

Problem is I need to figure out how to roll-back the Firmware as the OLD Preform will not run with the new Firmware. Anyone out there have how this is done?

There are older versions of the firmware that are floating arround the forum, just do a quick search I’m sure something will turn up.

I think you are right. I went from success to failure (even after a preventative resin filtering ironically) after the firmware update. That is the only change and now both of the prints I’ve tried since then have failed. I just started a support inquiry with formlabs but suspect I will need to roll back firmware as well. My experience so far has only been with Tough V4.

I’ve said this before but I’ll keep repeating it until FL gets the point. Microsoft use to have the customers do the beta testing on new software. They didn’t tell them just sold it to them. Basically getting testers who paid to test software and didn’t know it.
I worked for an electronics kit manufacture, Heathkit a division of Zenith at the time. They are out of business now. I was editor of the magazine that was After Market support. When they rolled out a new product be it TV, Radio or Computer kit they picked, randomly, people to do beta testing of the kit. We would have to put the item together and markup issues in the manual that needed clarity or fixing. Worked good.

FormLabs need to find some really good user customers and pay them with purchase credits to Beta Test the software before they send it out to all customers and have a calamity like we’ve been having lately.

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