Adjustable Build Platform

I see people have variations on the resin tanks and the build platform doesn’t aways run perfectly parallel to tanks surface. Why not have a set of screws that extend through the build platform that people can tweak to conform to their tanks and machines? Or have some micro adjustments on the build platform.

I could see this as an upgrade item to existing machines for those who wish to tweak their systems.

From what I have seen the build platform is usually pretty close to perpendicular to the z-axis, which it should be. However the tray housing is often not perpendicular to the z-axis. So this would leave us with two crooked surfaces instead of one.

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Big question is how the model is built relative to z or is it x,y. If the compression layers are used to build a foundation and the support structures zero out the model based on Z then having the build platform parallel to the tank would save tanks and create an even build.

If the model is purely based off x,y and z is compensated then adjusting the build platform to the tank would skew the models.

Maybe one of the Formlabs people can answer it.

Ideally both the build platform and the tank would be perpendicular to the z axis. However if you ask Formlabs they will tell you it doesn’t matter, and that tilt is compensated for, or at least that’s what they told me, but they wouldn’t tell me how. I could write quite a bit on the topic and include pictures but at the moment I don’t have a lot of time.