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Build Platform 90 degree swivel

I often print things that just have extra resin laying on horizontal surfaces, or inside cups, which pours out when I pull the build platform off of the mount. In many cases I try to hold the build platform over the resin tank so this extra resin drains, but this can be a slow, arm cramp inducing practice.

It would be handy if I had a way to swivel the build platform 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise so that the resin can take as much time as it needs to drain out of my part. Granted, 90% of my parts drain fine upside down, but there are some models (particularly with large horizonal surfaces) which hold resin above some of the build surfaces and it’s normally cooled which makes it very thick and slow moving. So, having the ability to swivel the build platform, and not have to hold it with my hand over the tank, would be super helpful.

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There is a 3d-model for a drip-fixture to print with a FDM-printer

FormLabs Form 3 Build Platform Drip Fixtu | 3D model | Thangs

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Which printer do you have? On a Form3, it is possible to balance the build plate on the left side of the tank so that the build surface is verticle and any excess resin can drain back into the tank. If you have a Form2 you can do the same but have the resin drain into something like a baking tray.

I try to print on the edges and at the end i just swipe the platform’s surface with a thick paper cardboard, pushing any resin back to the tank. It just takes 20-30 seconds. Then I put the platform into wash and when it finishes I remove the print.