How do you drain you parts of resin without wasting the resin?

I often have prints that trap resin in them and do not drain automatically when the build is done. The parts usually have a decent size hole in them to drain but the suction/vaccum sometimes keeps it in. Or sometimes the hole is facing the platform due to neccesary orientation and therefor cannot drain until i remove it from the platform and turn it over.

So i’m curious how you drain parts without wasting the resin.
Did you create a screen to sit over your build vat to put the parts back on that to drain into the tank? Do you let it drain on a tray/plate or something of the like and then scrape it back into the vat (risky due to contamination/curing)?


First is orientation of the parts on the build plate so the drain while being printed.

Second is leave them hanging in the printer for a half hour, if possible, before removing. This also allows drainage.

There is just so much you are going to get off the build. You can remove the build plate and turn it on it’s side, set the build plate on the edge of the tray and the build on the wiper. Let drain that way for a bit. Not the best but it can help if you have a lot of excess resin on the parts.

Thought I’d share this little teepee I made with an extra build platform… wouldn’t work for a larger print, but I do some parts which are parallel to the build platform, and the resin just doesn’t drip off unless they’re on an angle. I’d love an adapter that I could slide onto the build platform and then slide into the build platform clamp at an angle… anyone up for designing it? :slight_smile:

I suggested this few years back already, but never had anyone to like my idea, especially not formlabs…
The build platform should have the possibility to incline to certain angle. This way, all could be hanging at a certain angle for some time allowing resin to drip out/of and have max recovery. And as a plus: it would be hanging above the resin tank, so nothing messy will occur. Maybe its time to suggest again?

Edit: i have an idea… Will draw a part you can print yourself and then you need to attach it (glue? construction silicone? drill holes and rivet or screw? I’ll have this idea brew a little and will come up with some suggestions) to top of build platform wich would make it possible to position it upside-down, or at 45* angle.
To be able to close the cover, you’ll need to lower the build platform. Only way i can think of, is start new build with having build platform removed, and as soon as the platform lowers, press: pauze. Then you can put platform in wanted angle and have it sit like this for as long as you want. Remove platform and abort print to go to standard situation.
Work around? Yes. Much effort? no.

Or you can use this: OPEN SOURCE RESIN SAVER - Angled Platform Holder for Form2

was thinking alike, saves me my effort :wink: