Where to purchase a new build platform from Formlabs?

I am now at the point where I feel the need to replace the build platform for my Form2, only I cannot seem to find this product on Formlabs’ website where it used to be. I’ve scoured the site and cannot find it. Am I going blind?

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The website sort of hides it. It’s under accessories but you have to hit “see all accessories.” Alternatively you can also hit the arrows on the right side of the page to scroll through other options in that category to find the build plate. The link at the bottom will take you there hopefully if you cannot find it otherwise. Also, do not forget the build plate is the same for the Form 2 and Form 3. I’ve found that sometimes the page refers to it as the Form 2 Build Plate and other pages refer to it as the Form 3 Build Plate when they are indeed the same thing.


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Yeah it’s always a bit painful trying to find the item I want in the store.


easy solution, use google more effectivly : google- formlabs replacement parts+form2

this type of using google dorks will effectivly return more precise results.
The + function when google searching reduces unwanted results.

Thanks, that’s very helpful! It’s strange that they are hiding this part, especially since it’s compatible with their new flagship device.

By the way, I was thinking of actually sanding a new surface on my existing platform so that it doesn’t go to waste. As it is, it’s so pitted that I can hardly remove any rafts, depending on what spot they’re in. If I sand this flat, I’m assuming I should go coarse as I can, and that I will likely need a Z axis offset with the sanded platform?

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I learned that the easiest way is just to purchase new formlabs parts as needed, machines eventually wear and tear, ive learned via expierence sometimes to just suck it up and buy new parts directly from the lab. and save the trouble. Unless the budget is tight, Ive learned when it comes to 3d printing on all types is to just buy 2 of those wear and tear parts. Also maybe it might be your vat is just worn out. Regardless best to save time and patience if your budget allows and just get it from formlabs. (2 if possible) this way you know you have a backup. Work arounds may work but the easiest path is the one that makes the most sense.

–you may either would need to to do a z axis offset or raise the support base a few mm…

In my case, the LT tank and resin are brand new, which is partially why the budget is so tight at the moment. But a $100 part is doable for quality prints. I was just saying that as an alternative to throwing away the old one, I could resurface it with tools I already have and use as a second platform.

Glad that works for you, but I’d rather see Formlabs fix their store.

Anyway, unless I’m mistaken those are sponsored links you’re referring to, and I’d rather not give Google a PPC cut. ;-).

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should have cleared this up in my post I use duckduckgo. But dorking is the same for all engines, Here is mine from duckduckgo with the dork…

hmm…agreed they shoud still add the from 2 parts in the store menu…

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