Doesn't ship with Build Platform?

My form 2 just arrived. There was no build platform included and I cannot print. I even ordered a second one for backup which is not on the shipping manifest at all.

Do Form 2 models usually ship able to print? Or are printing surfaces usually included in the form 2 packaging? Nothing on the website suggests that they are on back-order.

Thanks for the help.

PS the item in question is this one:

Mine arrived in 2 separate boxes.

Check to see if there is another box in transit.

I’ll call over to my UPS store where it was delivered, thanks for the info.

Edit: DId it come int he same box as the “Accessories” like the Wash-Station and stuff? I got that box, it was larger than expected but there is no platform there.

The manifest only shows: Clear Resin Cartridge v4 (Form 2)
Resin Tank (Form 2) - which I did not order (I assume this came with the Form 2 like the build platform would)
Form Wash
Form Cure
Form 2 3d Printer
Finish Kit (Form 2)
AC power Cable

DId yours show a Build platform on the paper that came in the box?

PS. Thanks for the help.

Did you purchase it from a reseller or Formlabs direct?

From direct

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The UPS store has confirmed there is no box remaining there for me. I came home with 4 boxes, A form 2 box, an accessories box, a cure box and a wash box.

Hey there @bpate!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble tracking down your build platform! It should absolutely be included with your new printer package, so we don’t like to hear it’s missing.

Please contact our support team at the link below. We’ll do some quick checks to confirm what you received, but if necessary, I’m sure we can get a platform on its way to you ASAP.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Its usually included in the top of the Form2 box with the printer inside, it is normally next to the resin tank.

Thanks so much @DKirch. I just got off the phone with support, Emily was very helpful. She explained that all the build platforms are on back-order for a week. The website hasn’t been updated, and there was nothing in my shipping notice or email that suggested it; but at least I know it hasn’t been lost.

You are welcome to do what needs to be done to close this ticket. Thanks again for the quick support.

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