Main box is missing resin tray and build platform?

I get my delivery today ($90 for FedEx Ground btw, and it didn’t get shipped by them) and only the printer box came at 7pm. Then I open it and it is missing the two boxes on top for resin tray and build platform?? What is this all about, how does that happen? Is this a new thing?
Im stressed out on a deadline… please someone say something!


I am missing everything in this screen except the usb cable…

Contact the support (Open a ticket) and hopefully they get you sorted out as soon as possible.

You should be receiving two packages, either the carrier made a mistake or the other package is still on its way, make sure to check if you got multiple tracking numbers.

The Resin Tank and Build Platform do ship in a separate package from the printer. We aim to have these arrive on the same day but do sometimes miss that goal. You should have two tracking numbers for your order - one for the printer and one for consumables. If you’re having a bit of trouble determining the location of the second package, open a ticket with our support team so that we can look into this for you.

I just looked into your tracking info and it looks like the second box is out for delivery at the moment and will arrive today. Fedex must have run out of room on their truck yesterday.

I will send you a DM with your Fedex tracking information.

Have fun with the printer!

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