Something MUST be done about shipping resin

Yesterday, 10AM PST I placed an order for resin, tank, and platform. I need them quickly so I popped for the double priced FedEx 2nd day shipping ($50.00).
I immediately received a receipt for my order. About an hour later I got a shipping advice from Formlabs with tracking number for the tank and platform. It will arrive tomorrow, Saturday.

This AM I open another shipping advice from Formlabs that tells me the resin has shipped,. A DAY later! And that it will arrive here

Maybe I’m just a goofy engineer, but doesn’t your math add up to my result of FIVE days? Count SIX because if it does arrive at 8PM, that day is over.

If we get only one choice to us FedEx can’t Formlabs at least honor the 2nd day shipping and make sure they deliver what we pay for?

Open letter to Formlabs management: Damn the warranty. If I can find a replacement resin you will rarely see my name on your order books in the future.

I’m sorry about that, Carter. We’ve had long-standing issues getting folks resin & other components at the same time, as they do ship from separate locations — one in PT and one in ET.

I’m guessing our team handling your resin shipment was unable to turn it around that same day (I apologize for that, we can be quicker) — and so just managed to get it out 2nd-day FedEx today. In general, most shipping services calculate the number of days elapsed in business days — so even though FedEx usually delivers on Saturday, it appears they’re targeting Tuesday evening, rather than Monday. :frowning:

At any rate, thanks for making us aware and we’ll see what we can do about smoothing out the process!

Does all the resin and tanks come out of the west coast? Possible to have more points of origin like the east coast?

Personally none of my customers or suppliers use FedEx due to their unreliability. USPS OR UPS are still the old stand by.

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