Where dem videos at?

I would have thought there would be an influx of videos now that the printers have been delivered to so many people. Personally, I am curious about how the machine actually operates. How noisy is it? How much movement is there? How fast does it go? Does it look cool or is it boring? Does anything special happen when the print finishes?

If there aren’t any decent videos on YouTube by the time I get my Form1 I will be sure to record and upload a few.

High quality macro photos are conspicuously absent as well. I have yet to see a decent photo of a 25-micron print. I am very curious to see a comparison between the different layer thicknesses using the same model, in the same position, at the same scale.

I’ve shot a few videos, but in all honesty find them quite boring. Unlike a RepRap-like 3D printer, the Form 1 is silent and has no moving bits, and at the resolution it prints at is very uneventful, much more suited to a time-lapse vid. I’ll shoot some macros tonight after I have a few more objects, though not the layer comparison you’re looking for; I’m trying to do a bunch of different things to see what works and what doesn’t with as limited resin as I have (just the one bottle so far).

This video by Robert Vignone posted on the formlabs twitter feed might be relevant to your interests. I know this is exactly the kind of footage I was hoping to see pop up once people started recieving their printers :slight_smile: .


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Looking forward to more of @polysculpture’s gorgeous time-lapse videos of the Form 1 in action! Awesome set-up too. https://vimeo.com/67635917


Great sculpt by the way !

Thanks for sharing that! It’s definitely a cool vid but I would actually like to see something more boring. I’m not saying I’ll watch a boring, real time video start to finish, but I’m sure I would watch a few minutes of it. Heck, monetize it and earn a few cents.

Do a google search for Form1 or Form labs and watch the videos.  There are several interveiws where they show off the form1 printing the Eiffel Tower in real time… there isn’t really much to see other than a flash of light and some movement of the tray.

That’s the second recommendation to use this “Google” thing in as many days. Man, how is it I haven’t thought of that!? I’ll be sure to do an AltaVista search to try to figure out what all the hubbub is about.

Search for “Form1” you say? My mind has officially been blown.

Like I said, I would be interested in what the machine is like when it’s operating. Five seconds of an Eiffel Tower being printed in the background of an interview recorded with a shaking camera in a noisy auditorium isn’t going to tell me much. Also, official marketing videos

What I’m asking for isn’t some kind of trick or something. If a video like the one I’m requesting materializes I’m not going to jump out of your monitor and steal your cat. I just want to get a feel for what the machine does when it’s printing. I would like to SEE how quickly it moves. I want to HEAR how noisy it is.

I’m sure when people get their printers up and running they watch it print for a while. I’m sure they don’t hit the print button and immediately walk away. I bet the average person stares at it for a few minutes. I would like to have a similar experience from the comfort of my computer desk. In world where there are videos showcasing the “note” of car exhausts, “unboxing” of consumer electronics, and people singing along with the latest pop song I would think a more _genuine _video of this revolutionary 3D would be available by now.

*Also, official marketing videos

are just that: marketing. I have already bought I printer. The job of selling me a Form1 has come to fruition. I just want a preview of what to truly expect.

We’re working on videos to show some of the basics of Form 1 operation. Stay tuned.

For the time being, I’m going to move this to ‘Discuss Anything’ so that we can keep our forums organized. We’re going to be making a number of forum changes in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

– Sam

That sounds good. Thanks!

I recorded a video of the start of my first print. As people said: it’s not all that exciting really. And yes, the machine is very silent.

Hey Hirudin, it’s been a while since you made this post, but I just wanted to make sure you’re aware that we now have a video gallery section on the front page of the support site! You’ll find tutorial videos and our first of many “Form Stories” video there. We’ll be sure to continue making more videos in the future. Thanks!

Hi Hirudin

A little off topic but posting here means that you should get email notification. I just wondered if you kept your Form1 in the end after the issues you had?

If you have kept it how did it all go with Formlabs offer to put it right?


Hello Marc, thanks for posting here - I did get the email. I do indeed still have my Form1, but I haven’t been using it. I have finally removed the failed part from the tank though, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction. I still have confidence that my Form1 will work and right now my own actions (actually: inaction) is the main reason I have not made any progress with getting the machine running again. Formlabs even contacted me “out of the blue” to touch base after I was unresponsive for so long.

I now have a new problem which -Tj- (from the Adventures in 3D Printing site) and I think could possibly correlate to my print-failure problems: my power supply doesn’t seem to work any more. Perhaps it was failing or being sporadic in some other way (power spikes or interruptions?).

OK, OK, I will open a new support ticket - right now.

Cheers Hirudin

Are you able to check if it’s the PS unit or could it be the power socket on the machine some Form 1’s had issues with that from shipping (Mark L) and could also cause intermittent power outage?

You’ve only 90 days or do you or any of us actually have a warranty as it starts from purchase not delivery?

From Formlabs Warranty Terms:

“Formlabs warrants Formlabs-branded hardware products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”)”.

Please push as I/we would love to know how Formlabs intends to treats its customers.

Nothing to do with cleaning!

@Mark We’ll be uploading a cleaning video in the near future. In the meantime, you can view one of our cleaning articles here: https://formlabs.zendesk.com/entries/23384437-Form-1-Care

Zach, thanks but Wide, eh Hirudin (don’t say anything).

It’s definitely something wrong with the AC adapter. I used my multimeter to make sure ~120 VAC power was getting to the input of the AC adapter. I checked the output as well: it was reading 0 VDC. The OEM Form1 AC adapter is 24 V @ 2.5 A. I happen to have a 24 V @ 1 A AC adapter and I plugged it in “just to see what happens”. The 1A adapter seemed to work insofar as the machine turned on and was able to move the build platform to its “home” position. I also started a “dry run” print just to take a quick measurement. I interrupted it when it was doing the first layer - I didn’t want to risk the Form1 or the AC adapter for being underpowered or overtaxed, respectively.

Oh, to clarify: the AC adapter is definitely *the thing* that’s broken *right now*, I don’t know if it’s because of a fault in the actual AC adapter or with the Form1 itself.