Where can one find the .STL model of the Form 1?

Where can one find the .STL model of the Form 1?

On kickstarter it was listed under the 5$ Pledge.

Now that the kickstarter is over is it available for download? If not can we still donate 5$ for it?




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VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE: You get a .STL model of the Form 1 to print on your existing 3D printer! The miniature version can keep you company while you wait for the real deal to come in the mail (if you order one). We also put a call-out to you on our website. Form on!

I had forgotten all about this :slight_smile:

Still in the works then?

I would also love to have this .stl, rather than remodel the bot.


Let me see what I can rustle up for you guys…

Awesome, thanks for taking a look Sam! :slight_smile: