Wheel that wouldn't

Maybe somebody with more experience can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I tried 4 different setups printing for a friend on my F3B and each time ending up with failure in marked area. The rim is just not forming properly at the top. I’m on the Black V4 and 25 microns layers. Also getting rather frustrated with Preform ( 3.32 ) and it’s insistence on creating internal supports originating from part itself causing a lot of absolutely unnecessary damage to printed past. I’m attaching one of my setups in .form format if anybody would care to have a closer look. Most appreciated.

Frustration.form (2.4 MB)

Hi @PaperLab,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about the flawed prints you’ve been having with this particular part. I wasn’t able to download the .form file you attached, but I can provide some general advice regardless. This may have to do with the part’s orientation or supports, or there could be an issue with consumables such as the particular resin tank used. Internal supports can be disabled in the PreForm supports menu, but they may be necessary depending on the part’s geometry. For a closer look, please feel free to get in touch with Support.

Jesse thanks for your comments.

My printer is in an excellent condition so I don’t think it has anything to do with the printer or resin as other parts are coming out all good.

This one I already tested 5 times with different supports, different inclinations, even adding my own hand made supports inside Rhino. To no avail. Enough is enough, I’m sending it to a buddy of mine who owns couple of 8K and 12K Chinese printers. I hope he won’t have any problems printing it.

All resin prints effectively have 5 good sides, if all the supports are put on the side that is least visible on the finished model, then the print will have optimum supports.

In this case, I would orientate the wheel with the axle side towards the build plate and at a slight angle, say 10-20 degrees.

I tried that by rotating it 5 degrees. Maybe that wasn’t enough and 10 degrees would be better.

I can tell you though that rotating 5* did not fix the issue and I had hell of a time dealing with internal supports. Every single one in that area grew from the lower part of the wheel causing a lot of extra damage.

I suspect going with 10 degrees would even exacerbate the support issue. I would probably have to build custom supports in Rhino first.

If it is orientated as I suggest there are no internal supports.

Frustration.form (2.2 MB)

Apologies for my late reply. I took some time off from this digital universe…

Thanks for the file. Unfortunately such orientation is not acceptable to my client. He would use it for building rubber mold and resin casting. Printing like this would make supported faces significantly inferior in surface quality. But just for the sake of it I’ll probably run it and see what happens.

10 degree rotation to me looks like in the attached image. As you can see there are a couple of internal supports. Preform would not allow to have them originating from outside of the model. It really sucks. I can print without them but those two points will not form properly. In fact even with support they are not going to look much better. In such situations, as frustrated as they are, I have no choice but to go back to rhino and manually add some scaffolding there.

Finally when resin casting he would add a gate to the bottom of the wheel where supports are the most dense.