Surface and printing supports


I did some print with my Formlab 3D printer but, I’m still fairly new. I try to print a turbine engine parts, which I found on the net (, and I would say that is really well done.

But, when I try to print one of these part (Air_Jet_2.STL, Air_Jet_2.jpg in attachment), I experiencing some flaws in the region between the supports and the first printed layer (see some attach picture for reference).

Is there somebody could give me some advice on how I can improve the quality of that region for each print?

Thank you very much!



For a better surface finish, orient your support with a slight angle. Upon loading the model into PreForm and clicking auto-orient, it suggested the setup below, which I suspect will yield better results.

You can learn more about orienting models here.

Thank you very much for the quick reply!

That what I expected, because I saw on the forum so many shape tilted and that make sense that will improve the print.