Whats causing this? ONLY on one tank and resin

I am printing some biomedical parts in Biomed clear and 100% of my prints are printing like this.

It looks like the laser is dragging? They are supposed to be 4 cubes and square plate as a lid).

I have tried another tank and resin and the print is as close to perfect as possible. Only this one (<20 prints completed and all failed like this) and Biomed clear (new with the tank) is doing this. I dont even have a spare at the moment.

I am suspecting a faulty tank…But any input would be appreciated.

Hello @Richb77 -

Thank you for the picture. This issue has a couple of possible fixes; if this is shifting along the x-axis of the print, the first thing to do is Clean and Lubricate the X-Stage Lead Screw per our maintenance page.

I would send this along to Support for review - they will be able to help with the shifting issue if this doesn’t fix the issue.

Thanks! -Jen

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Formlabs mentioned they had an issue with some of the v2 tanks. Follow the support ticket process on the qrcode that shows up after a print finishes–they should be able to get you their V3 version if that is the problem.

A warped tank can occur when the tank film gets overstretched and doesn’t return to a smooth surface. The reason a warped tank causes print failures is because the stretched tank film is no longer flat when tensioned. Since the resin is curing on a non-flat surface, you can end up with layers that are wavy or fail to cure properly. Signs of tank warping are ripples in your parts, slices through the parts including the supports, and layers that don’t adhere properly. Extreme cases will look like a book with water damage with rippled and separated layers.

What you print can play a role in whether your tank warps, but sometimes it’s a tank defect. As noted, tank warping is an issue that wasidentified with some of the Form 3 Version 2 resin tanks, so hopefully the new tank will do a lot to help prevent future instances.

Angling parts in all axes is very helpful in reducing and evenly distributing peel forces on the tank film to help minimize the stressors that can cause warpage. If possible, it is also recommend rotating the part so that it is on an angle, rather than parallel, to the edge of the tank. Printing toward the edge of the tank, rather than in the center may help, as the frame of the tank provides structure. Rearranging parts so that you’re printing in different parts of the tank surface during different prints will help it wear more evenly.