3B and Biomed White

Hello we are seeing print distortion with parts made in BioMed White.

We are just starting to use this resin as we typically use BioMed Amber. Any BioMed White users that can share their experiences with use and tank health.

Good morning @Innovation -

Thank you for the picture and it does look like this print is just flattening and waving.

I’d reach out to Support but also- consider angling the parts rather than having the base directly parallel to the build surface. This helps with distribution of peel force on the part to help minimize distortion.

Kind regards, Jen

Thanks Jen- We put in a ticket to service yesterday as we had failures in the cube abs parts yesterday, Flattening and waving is a process failure and our activities for production are at on hold until resolved. These are control cubes and a follow-up print based on the issues we experienced yesterday with the control cubes.
We will explore the angling and run an experience to see if this helps with potential issues with peel force.

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