BIOE Amber Printed Part Peels in Autoclave

We are working on a perfusion bioreactor which uses custom 3D printed parts. The parts below were printed using BIOE Amber. We are having trouble with the consistency of parts during the autoclave process.

The top is highly distorted and completely peeled the top layer.
The bottom was right next to it and didn’t have any noticeable distortion. These parts were printed and treated separately. Please let me know what is happening here.
Also, both parts were washed and post-cured using the Formlabs kit.

Hello fair101,

Indeed I had the exact same issue multiple times (peel, deformation and even cracking) with the Biomed amber and clear. I’m using them with the form 3B L and wash them in 99% IPA before curing in the Cure L. Up to now I thought it was related to the curing cycle, and that was the reason we invested in the cure L (60 min at 60°C and 5 min preheat ). But with the exact same parameters I got 2 pieces that survived the autoclaved and 4 that got the peel effects + cracking. The only possibilities I can currently see are that for the first 2 pieces I had a preheat of 30 min ( I think…) and the IPA was new… But I don’t know yet if it can create that effect… If someone have others informations or experience I will be glad to hear them.

Hi @fair101,

I know that this is a fairly late reply, but wanted to advise opening a Support ticket if these issues are persisting.

Yes I don’t even work there anymore so no longer an issue.


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