Autoclaving: Std Clear vs High-Temp

Autoclaved two samples from FormLabs; one in Standard Clear, and one in High-Temp (clear).

They both stood up extremely well, with the Standard Resin slightly yellowing, and the High-Temp resin fading just a bit, but no detectable distortion to either piece.

The autoclave conditions were 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 15 psi.


This is great to know. Thanks for posting your results!

Hey David,

Is it possible for you tell more about your project ?

I am looking for a material for a bio-project that I can use it confocal microscope. I will grow cells inside the 3d printed structure and then check their distribution.

P.S. Have you also tried autoclaving dental lt clear ?
Thank a lot,

Hello Levent,

No project, I was just testing it out. We haven’t used it in confocal imaging, so I don’t know how that would work out. We also do not use the dental resin.
I’m sorry that I’m not much help to you, other than my original observation.
Best of Luck to you, and let me know what you come up with,