LT Clear discoloration

I just got the formcure and used the settings that formlabs lays out. 20 min at 80c (for LT clear )but it comes out with a darker hue than the intense light curer we have in house. What can I do to make these come out more clear and less orange?

You’ll need to experiment a little but less time and maybe less temperature. I haven’t experimented with the effect of temperature yet.

yeah i think were going to have to experiment but were super busy and need it to be biocompatable. It sucks having something going into someones mouth and its not perfectly clear. It almost appears as if its been stained slightly. people dont like that.

Are you able to post a few images of the color you’re seeing? The material does take on a slight yellow tint, but it shouldn’t be turning orange and pictures will help us to identify if this falls within the expected color range.

Not sure how similar the resin is to the clear but when clean my clear resin parts I can tell if they are clean because they are on the blue side and know if they have any oxidation if they are yellowed.
Try post curing with the part submersed in water. Thinking a good old ziploc baggie should do the trick for you.

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