Dental LT Clear Turns to Yellow. Why?

Anyone konws why LT Clear turns into yellow transparency and sticky after curing in the Formcure?

I do everything as its explained in the formlabs web.

Thanks in advance

Can you post a picture?

Some yellowing is to be expected in UV resins. The stickiness I would usually associate with inadequate cleaning. It is important to change out your IPA. My best results have been a 10 minutes soak in fresh IPA followed by using a sonicare toothbrush.

The liquid is new, i have cleaned about 5 o 6 models.

ill try a toothbrush after cleaning and new cleaning liquid.

Many thanks.

I’m having the same problem, but not with the stickiness. I’ve used the recommended Form Cure settings for the Dental LT clear and they’re turning yellowish brown. I let them dry for about 30 mins after having them in the wash, before using the cure. I’ve spent 2 days contacting Form Labs about it and sent them pictures but I’m still waiting on a reply.

Any news about this issue. I’m experiencing some discoloration (light yellow tint) after post-cure. Any recommandation please. Is this normal?

Standard clear also yellows after curing… I try not to cure standard resins or cure only at a minimum time (15 min or so) to avoid this issue… It’s indeed a pity it can’t keep the clear nonyellow look after curing :frowning: