Print Comes out Yellow using Clear Resin

Hey All,

We just got the Form 2 printer and it’s working great. The only thing is that after going through the curing process, our prints using the clear resin come yellow-clear.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Take print into the Form Wash
  2. Run the Form Wash for 10 minutes
  3. Take the prints off the print beds, let the prints dry on a paper towel for 30 minutes
  4. Put prints in the Form Cure for 30 minutes


Looks more yellow in person.

What might be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

Unless you need the maximum possible mechanical stiffness (Modulus of Elasticity) from your Clear (V4?) resin prints, curing it for 30 minutes is longer than necessary or recommended. The longer you cure Clear V3/V4 (or the more you expose it to sunlight) the more yellow it will get. If the part is only going to see moderate loads and abrasion, then 15 minutes should be fine. If the part is just going to be looked at, you can cure it for even less time.

I’m also getting the same thing, but my prints are coming yellow even before curing!
Formlabs Support is telling me that the yellow is normal, but the clear part that I requested from formlabs is supper clear!

If that’s what your parts look like right out of the wash, that seems odd, and I don’t know how I’d explain it. I’ve certainly got variability in the clear parts I’ve printed, but the ones that are as yellow as yours are all ones that I’ve cured for a long time.

How old is your sample? They did change the formula that changed the slight tint that the clear resin gets

yeah… it is more yellow than what I would expect, I tried sanding, coating with mineral oil, nothing make it better.

Follow another picture of a print that I completed today (on the right), after washing, no curing…

If I knew that clear would be that yellow I would not have bought this resin.

sample is a little old, late 2017…

Any chance you could post a picture of the sample and your recent print side by side?

At times, the environment can play a role with the way the colors appear. For example, my clear does appear to be yellowish but not as yellow as yours and at a certain angle, it’ll look more white-ish with a slight yellow tint.

If you get it more transparent then it probably won’t be as yellow, but it takes a lot of sanding to get it smooth, you have to do small increases in the sandpaper grit and go up really high, it also helps to do wet sanding.

The sample he got from FormLabs in the picture he provided definitely did not look transparent yet it holds a bluish color.

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